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Creative Adventures for Single Explorers is for singles 40 and up. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Are you looking for experiences that are anything-but-ordinary? Do you enjoy exploring your state as well as neighboring states, looking for cool things to do? Are you interested in history, architecture, nature, culture? Are you looking to meet new people and make new friends? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then welcome aboard!

Some events will require just a few hours of your weekend while others may require a very long day trip – which will be worth it! Every now and then we’ll do some overnighters and weekend getaways. Remember, there is joy in the journey itself.

I am a big fan of carpooling because it is the perfect opportunity to get to know a few fellow members as we journey to our destination. If you are willing to drive others, please provide details in the comments section to indicate what neighborhood/city/meeting spot you will be carpooling from and how many spots you have available in your car. I suggest privately messaging volunteers your address. Be sure to tip your driver unless he/she says it's not necessary.

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In the spirit of meeting new people and making new friends, plus 1s are not allowed.

What this Group is Not:

Creative Adventures for Single Explorers is not a hiking or outdoor adventure group, hence the absence of the word “outdoor” in our name. We will have some events outside and they will require some walking (historic walking tours to check out some architecture), some swimming (to be revealed later), and maybe even some sort of a boat now and then. If you are looking for an outdoor group, Meetup has a plethora of them listed under Outdoors & Adventure.

We are also not a standard dinner and wine tasting group. Been there, done that. We might do a day trip to check out some great BBQ or such and check out the sights along the way. We might visit a few exceptional wineries but that will not be the norm.

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Seven - no, Eight - Swans a Swimming

822 W Liberty St

Swan Lake Iris Gardens They do have an Iris festival over the Memorial Day weekend but I would rather go at a less busy time which is why we'll go the weekend after. I will adjust the timing of the event once I've figured it out. As always, let's carpool and see some sights along the way! The beautiful black waters of Swan Lake form the setting for the spectacular Iris Gardens featuring 25 species of Japanese irisis. The lake is dotted with colorful islands, and wildlife is abundant. The only public park in the United States to feature all eight swan species, Swan Lake Iris Gardens is also home to some of the nation's most intensive plantings of Japanese iris, which bloom yearly in mid to late May and last until the beginning of June. The garden also boasts many other floral attractions, including colorful camellias, azaleas, day lilies, and Japanese magnolias. A Braille Trail enables the sight-impaired to enjoy the scents and sensations of the gardens, and a Butterfly Garden and Chocolate Garden both delight the senses. Swan Lake Iris Gardens began in 1927 as a private fishing retreat for Hamilton Carr Bland, a local businessman. At the same time he was developing the 30 acres of swamp on what is now the north side of West Liberty Street, he was landscaping the grounds of his home with Japanese iris. They failed miserably, and after consulting expert horticulturists from as far away as New York, he ordered his gardener to dig up the bulbs and dump them at the swamp. The following spring, they burst into bloom. The accidental garden, referred to by Southern Living magazine a "lovely mistake," has since been developed into one of the finest botanical gardens in the United States. Following Bland's lead, in 1938 Mr. A.T. Heath, Sr., deeded the additional acreage on the north side of Liberty Street to the city with the stipulation that Mr. Bland also develop this part of the gardens. Today, the Heath Gardens encompass most of the park's 120 acres. Mr. Bland deeded the Bland Gardens to the city in 1949. The two gardens are joined by the McDuffie Overpass, a gift to the city from the McDuffie family in 1994. The Heath Pavilion opened in 2002 at the rear of the Heath Gardens on property given to the city by the Heath family in 1998. Meet the Swans https://www.sumtersc.gov/swanlake/swans

St. Augustine, FL Trip

Needs a location

We'll do this if there's enough interest. this would be a 2-3 day trip. Description to come. Planning on visiting the following: Fort Matanzas National Monument Lightner Museum Flagler College

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