Past Meetup

Discussion: Freelancing Topics + Telephone Sketching

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Hi, everybody!
First of all, I apologize for skipping the previous month. I got sidetracked with traveling-related shenanigans. To make up for it, this event will be twice as fun and helpful.

Some of us are freelancers who work with clients. Some of us used to be freelancers. Some of us hire freelancers for our side projects. Given all of this experience, let's get together and share tips and tricks on how to find clients, how to best work with freelancers, how to negotiate schedules/prices/etc. and any other related issues that we've all run into.

Telephone Sketching
In parallel, I'll bring along some sketchpads and various graphite pencils + erasers to do a fun game of telephone sketching. One person will write a word. The next person will draw that word. The next person will write a word to describe what was sketched.

I've never actually tried this game before, so we'll go around a few times and see how it all turns out :P

See you all then!