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This month's presenters will be attorney Laura Liss and branding expert Kristie Keever who will teach us how to build and protect our personal and business brands! In the first half, Kristie Keever will teach us how to develop a branding strategy that works, and how to use that branding to connect with our respective audiences. In the second half, Laura Liss will educate us on strategies to protect the branding we have built through tools like trademarks and copyrights, and then also show us how to use our branding to grow into a franchising or distribution model. We hope you can join us for a not-to-be-missed event!


For creative professionals in the Denver area, Creative Connections is your networking alternative. Our purpose? To foster working relationships among local creative pros. Join us the 1st Friday of the month from 9-10:30 a.m (Holidays excluded. Please check schedule).You’ll learn from in-the-know industry speakers, get the scoop on other local creative businesses and connect with other talented professionals with skills that complement your own. No-pressure networking. Creative Connections members play well together. So there are no rules limiting the number of graphic designers, writers, photographers—or lion tamers, for that matter—who can join. First time free then just $5 after. No mandatory attendance. We’re not a leads group—although members do collaborate on a variety of creative projects. Creative Connections’ only rule, really, is that you work as a creative professional. Defining creative: Anyone who is actively & directly involved in the following industries / fields and providing these services to others or in need of these services. Print - TV – Radio - Internet - Video – Photography - Artists (All forms) – Writers - Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations. Others that are not listed upon approval of the Creative Connections Management team.


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