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Update: AUGUST 2021


Restart Note:

I’ve been splitting my time between Los Angeles & the Hi Desert for about a year, so Creative Growth SoCal seems a more appropriate name than ever. Expect to see events in the Joshua Tree/Palm Springs area, as well in LA (and points in between).

For now, our events will be virtual.

In a new twist, I am planning to offer a few 'Maker' activities. I have taught a university coarse for 25 years which employs project-based learning to expand the creative confidence and self-expression of my students. I am developing an online version of this course which will be available to all.

Hope you are doing well!


PS-The new header image is a photo I took during a walk around one of amazing modernist neighborhoods of Palm Springs. These are known as the Alexander Tracts.

Are you inspired by art/design/architecture? Do you like to make things, and stretch yourself creatively?
The Creative Growth SoCal MeetUp will have events where we drink in interesting experiences in Art, Architecture, and Design, and also have workshops where members have a chance to draw, paint, and build things.
The Maker Movement inspires us, and some of the places we visit will be SoCal CoBuild spaces, set up with 3d printers and other great tools, offering anyone a chance to get ideas out of their heads and make them real.
The Creative Growth SoCal MeetUp will grow to suit the interests of members.

Intro Video:



• A small museum of Mystery. Hang out for tea & conversation in the rooftop Moroccan garden.
• Said to be the largest artwork ever made by one person, this LA icon hasn’t been visited by that many people.
• 30’s producer of musicals, Busby Berkley built this Italianate palace in the West Adams district. The beautiful garden contains an exact replica of the labyrinth from Chartres Cathedral. You are invited to walk the labyrinth, an effective form of active meditation. MAKE
• Meditation / Mindfulness Drawings in a workshop for everyone
• “Flow State” Painting experience.
• 3d Printing Party. We print your design for a cookie cutter, then roll out and bake some cookies.

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