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OUTLIERS; a tour of a new exhibit at the LA County Museum of Art
FIRST SUNDAYS AT LACMA... This new exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art features 250 artworks by 250 "Outliers." There is a 50-minute tour starting at 2 pm. If you want to skip the tour, I'll be in the gallery when it ends around 2:45. I got excited about this exhibit when I saw that Henri Rousseau's "Tropical Forest with Monkeys," was part of the show. Rousseau's paintings gave me hope as a teenager that there was a vast world beyond the suburb's in which I grew up. OUTLIERS "Outliers and American Vanguard Art”—from the title, it is not immediately clear that this exhibition reconsiders art often referred to as outsider, visionary, or folk, in order to examine its relationship to the development of modern art in America. Curator Lynne Cooke chose the term “outlier” to counter the dismissive or limiting connotations that previous descriptors have taken on. It also stakes out a theoretical position. “Outlier” suggests that an artist’s distance from centers of institutional power can create space for different goals or values. The exhibition debuted at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., this spring, and opens on June 24 at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, a museum known for its strong holdings in self-taught artists from the South. Comprising some 250 works — with slight variations between the venues — the show opens up the definition of American art, from the beginning of modernism to today, and challenges familiar notions of what modernism can look like." "The earliest section of Outliers focuses on work made between the 1920s and ’40s, a time when self-taught artists were not banished to the outskirts of the establishment. Henri Rousseau is the best-known example; he retired as a municipal inspector in France at age 49 to create flat, polished paintings of people and animals in verdant natural settings, achieving recognition during his lifetime." Looks like it is going to be a beautiful exhibit. Hope you can join us. Admission: Members free, which is a good deal since adult General Admission tickets are $20 ($25 for those outside LA County). NOTE: please cancel your RSVP if your plans change. It may allow other members to join us for this event.


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Are you inspired by art/design/architecture? Do you like to make things, and stretch yourself creatively?
The Creative Growth SoCal MeetUp will have events where we drink in interesting experiences in Art, Architecture, and Design, and also have workshops where members have a chance to draw, paint, and build things.
The Maker Movement inspires us, and some of the places we visit will be SoCal CoBuild spaces, set up with 3d printers and other great tools, offering anyone a chance to get ideas out of their heads and make them real.
The Creative Growth SoCal MeetUp will grow to suit the interests of members.

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• A small museum of Mystery. Hang out for tea & conversation in the rooftop Moroccan garden.
• Said to be the largest artwork ever made by one person, this LA icon hasn’t been visited by that many people.
• 30’s producer of musicals, Busby Berkley built this Italianate palace in the West Adams district. The beautiful garden contains an exact replica of the labyrinth from Chartres Cathedral. You are invited to walk the labyrinth, an effective form of active meditation. MAKE
• Meditation / Mindfulness Drawings in a workshop for everyone
• “Flow State” Painting experience.
• 3d Printing Party. We print your design for a cookie cutter, then roll out and bake some cookies.

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