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What we're about

Innovators, designers, creatives, clients, crafters, makers, writers, doers... and those of you who span it all, please join us.

In our meetups we'll be:

Exploring what creative, design and innovation projects need to succeed
Looking at the impacts of new and emerging technologies and practices
Exploring our experiences in and expectations of the design industry
Getting dirty/hot/sweaty testing emerging mapping tools and techniques

By doing this, I hope that we can all learn more about design, and about our values and ambitions, and enhance our ability to design (and live) in a more strategic and forward thinking way.



Creativity is innate in all of us, but learning how to use our abilities to enhance and improve our lives and the lives of others is a different matter. By exploring our creative skills and looking at them in a new light, we open up much needed new opportunities for everyone.

Design and innovation should be about making peoples lives better - but for many of us, both here and abroad, many problems remain unaddressed or unsolved. One of the biggest sticking points is that we've been led to believe that coming up with new ideas or products not our job - that we are best leaving it to the design industry 'experts'.

New technologies, and a growing movement to involve everyone in the design of products and services, are helping to turn this around, but it's still very new territory. Being new, however, it's also very open to new ideas, and contributions, and we hope that you'll join us in exploring this widening threshold, and the opportunities that lie there

Knowing where you stand, what you can contribute and how far you're willing to go to help, is the first step. That's your creative self, your creative ID.

It is is intended that this group primarily meets on a non-commercial basis. Our regular meetups will be funded by suggested donation - a low fee to cover meeting costs. We also hope to offer fee paying events with special guests later this year.

To see past meetups hosted by Lucy, and more about here work - have a look here:

Any questions - just ask!


Our events are exploratory - and often feature work in progress - of ours and of others. Confidentiality will and should be respected by all - though we're sure many will be happy to share and collaborate if asked.

It is intended that debate and workshop sessions will be audio recorded for distribution within the group, and photos will be taken for all to share. If you wish to be excluded from this, please let me know.

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