TAGA Healing© with Rev. Becca Thompson

Creative Living at the Center
Creative Living at the Center
Public group

Center for Creative Living

1460 Koll Circle, Suite C · San Jose, CA

How to find us

Cheryl at (408) 768-0948 or by E-mail ctjlewis111@sbcglobal.net please park in back and enter through back door "C"

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We would love to see you whether it is to support the circle and hold space or to support yourself and your Heart's desire. As we say in TAGA: A healing for one is a healing for all.

Please let us know if you would like to work on your TAGA Heart's Desire in order to reserve your space, or to confirm if you are joining the circle to support the work by contacting Cheryl at (408)[masked] or by E-mail [masked].

Please be aware that this will be a long day. Some light snacks, water and tea will be provided but for those of you who might participate the whole day, make sure to bring something that will sustain you and support your well-being throughout the day. There is also a microwave and a refrigerator on site. We look forward to seeing you!

The TAGA team
Sept 14,[masked] am to 6pm

Place: Center for Creative Living, 1460 Koll Circle Suite C San Jose (back entry)
Cost: $15.00 Circle Entry Only, $80.00 Healing & Circle Entry**
**Core Group Pricing at Door, sliding scale if needed always available, advise Carly at check in.

TAGA Healing is a shamanic, magical, transformational modality revealing What Is and optimizing What Will Be.

Emotional and energetic knots are "detangled" and healing rituals and blessings are performed.
Guided by the ancestors, guides and angels, TAGA Healing is profound!
Breakthrough results are often reported, even for those who simply join and hold the space for those in the circle.
TAGA Healings will be conducted by the order in which they are reserved. A wait list will be created if there is an overflow.

The Process
A group gathers in a circle. The first participant will begin the process by stating their heart’s desire. Though most are not aware of it, they are aligning their conscious vibration with each component therein. Those in the circle will be randomly selected by the participant to hold aspects (packets of consciousness) contained within the heart’s desire and they will be placed in proximity to one another by what feels right to the participant.

With little to no effort, those “holding” the packets of consciousness will feel the vibration that resonates within each packet generated by the essence of each assigned meaning such as: an obstacle, a family member, abundance, an emotion and so forth. Revealing happens within the individual and/or family cluster, when the packets of consciousness express what they feel/sense/know. Optimization for a balanced, harmonized healing pathway is then created from the interactions of the new knowledge received.

An agent for positive change, Rev. Becca Thompson’s innovative healing approach enables powerful and effective results. For many years she studied several methods of hands-on healing and has developed the heart of a healer, which transcends all dogma and rigid systematic procedures.

A mother of four, a grandmother, full time high tech corporate administrator and ordained minister, Becca is dedicated to helping those in need.

TAGA Healing© is a very experiential healing art. Therefore, it is to be expected that various situations can arise and deep mystical experiences can occur. TAGA Healing© is a process that is intended to create change in one’s life, and those changes can manifest physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is all part of the healing process. TAGA Healing© practitioners are neither medical practitioners nor psychotherapists. Although they may comment on the nature of body energetics and consciousness in relation to disease and mental health, it is understood that these comments are not intended as medical advice for any course of action for any medical or mental health issues that the undersigned may have. If you are ill, please seek medical assistance.