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There is a lot going on in the world….

There are a lot of challenges we face as humanity and also new possible solutions are appearing on the horizon. Think of complex issues such as global warming, the energy transition, geo-political changes, but also closer to home, such as changes in the way we work and in demographics in your neighborhood….

So changes are everywhere and they also seem to be speeding up!

We do have ideas about how to improve things, but at the same time, in a certain way, our human nature seems to be resistant to change and definitely doesn’t want to be told what to do!

So, the real starting point for change seems to be in ourselves, in our minds.

How can we position ourselves and train our minds to use it’s full creative potential?

This group is for people who are interested in creating the best version of themselves, improving the abilities of their creative mind, so that they can contribute and adapt effectively to changes in the world, both in their direct environment and for the bigger picture. Using the Thoughtstorm® technique from the Avatar® Training, together we explore interesting themes in the world and in ourselves.

New insights guaranteed !

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ThoughtStorm: How to Use the Creative Mind to Create Change

Tivoli Café Het Gegeven Paard

HOW TO USE THE CREATIVE MIND TO CREATE CHANGE We use the Thoughtstorm® technique (one of the tools from the Avatar® Training) to create and develop valuable ideas together. It is an easily learned technique. Participants share their experiences and viewpoints in a process designed to generate new ideas that the participants would not have had on their own. Come and bring your unique viewpoints to the Thoughtstorm about one or more of the following questions: - What inspires people? - Aside from scarcity, what makes something valuable? - What circumstances favor creativity? - What is the proper attitude for achieving success? - What causes habits? - Why do people disagree? - How do you get someone to share a viewpoint? - How to use the creative mind in transition processes? Would you like to have an inspiring evening and get new energy and new ideas? Would you like to meet people, who are as curious as you are about doing good for the planet? Then we'd love to see you there! New insights guaranteed! Hester & Wendy Avatar® and Thoughtstorm® are registered trademarks of Star's Edge Inc. 1999 Harry Palmer. All rights reserved.

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