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Most people are working hard and not getting the results they want in their business or personal life. With Dr. Paula’s creative process, you will easily remove the hidden blocks to your success.

The right brain contains about ten million times more information than the left, yet you rarely use it! With Dr. Paula’s coaching, you will easily tap into this information. By using your whole brain, you will:

•Find your unique creative talent, wisdom and knowledge
•Release your inhibitions, fears and doubts
•Increase your brain power
•Dissolve the hidden blocks to achieving your goals
•Discover the best solutions to your most difficult problems
•Reduce stress and increase your effectiveness and efficiency
•Gain new insights
•Increase life satisfaction

If you want to pull problems out at their roots, achieve breakthrough thinking and enhance your productivity, join us.

Special Announcement: Dr. Paula Joyce's Past Life Regression Workshop is now available for rental! For just $25 you can experience Dr. Paula's workshop from the comfort of your own home, whenever it best fits your schedule. For more information regarding the content of this workshop, rental information, and to see a trailer, please visit


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