What we're about

Creative Real Estate Investing Mastermind is created for the purpose of:

- New & Beginning investors wanting to get more knowledge and meet experienced Investors.

- Current Investors to share experiences and recruit new talents and relationships

- Potential Partnerships with Other members of the Group

- Professionals (CPAs, Attorneys, etc.) develop relationships.

- Networking In General

- Training & Workshops over Topics Such as: Owner Financing, Tax & Legal, Negotiations, Raising Capital, Wholeslaing, Multi-Family Investing, Credit Management, Finding Deals, and more.

Every Meetup will include training and dedicated time for Q&A.

THERE ARE ZERO SALES PITCHES AT OUR MEET-UPS. We emphasize and focus 100% on content, value, and actual training.

FEE: There are no fees to attend our Meet-Up. Some events may require a small fee to cover food and beverages.

We DISCOURAGE members from recruiting other members for MLMs, Networking Marketing, real estate coaching or education programs. However, we do encourage building relationships that may result in future businesses outside of the meetup.

Past events (5)

Business & Real Estate Tax Workshop

Naperville Trinity Church of the Nazarene

How To Network With Private Lenders & Partners

Naperville Trinity Church of the Nazarene

(FREE) Credit Building & Management Workshop

Naperville Trinity Church of the Nazarene

How To Negotiate With Sellers Creatively!

Naperville Trinity Church of the Nazarene

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