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Email: creativefilmgroupnyc@gmail.com

Seeking talented artists and creators to join a NYC-based film production group that will create short-form film pieces on a regular basis. The goal is to bring together individuals with a variety of skills that will contribute to writing, acting, and producing these films.

This group will create pieces that cover parody, sketch comedy, and dramatic categories. The films will be comparable to content produced by creative entities like College Humor and Funny or Die. This group will produce content on a weekly basis, eventually working up to releasing at least one piece each day.

Who We’re Looking For
The short-term goal is to form a group of like-minded artists that are looking for a place to create and produce compelling and unique projects. The long-run goal is to turn the group into a revenue-generating production company that can financially support its members.

Currently, we are seeking a core set of people to form the foundation of this group. Ideally, these individuals would have experience in one or more areas of filmmaking and production, including:

• Screen / script writing, either long form or short form

• Video production (camera, lighting, sound, editing, etc.)

• Acting, either in videos or with an improv group

• Management/production (preferably with an artistic coalition that had film production components)

• Or….a passion and desire to get into film and a willingness to help out

Because the long-term goal is to create a sustainable, competitive, and quality production company, we are evaluating potential members carefully, and are asking all interested parties to send some information about themselves. Ideal candidates are those that want to make film and creative production their life’s work; that strive to produce quality, unique pieces; and that have the time and passion to commit to a project like this.

Tell Us About Yourself
Ideally, interested parties should be able to commit at least 6 hours a week (in the short term), and should send a message answering the following questions:

• What is your applicable skill-set (if any)?

• What is your applicable experience?

• What are your long-term goals in art/film?

• How many hours a week would you be willing to devote to this group?

• Can you provide a reel or writing sample (if applicable)?

• Do you have any equipment/collateral you can contribute (camera, lights, locations, etc.)?

If you are interested in joining this group, please email us at creativefilmgroupnyc@gmail.com

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