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Creative Village NYC connects creative industry professionals, businesses and organizations with local resources, talent and services. We believe in facilitating interactive events that create a platform to promote, exchange and empower. Members are committed to the success of the each other and meet for the purpose of learning, networking and building partnerships.


Creative Village NYC welcomes service providers from all industries, creative industry professionals, interns, entrepreneurs, software developers, investors, educators, non-profit leaders, designers, culinary artists (because who doesn’t love food), digital media professionals, advertising professionals, public relations and event specialists.

We have several meeting formats that include;

1) Business Demo Events: 2-3 local businesses, startups and/or resources for the village members normally held at locations with seating and presentation space.

2) Casual Social Meetups: Usually held at local restaurants and bars.

3) Career Forums: College students, recent graduates and employers are brought together to mix with employers that pitch talent needs for their company.

4) Promote. Exchange. Empower: These unique pitch events are all about our members connecting with other members to promote their skills, exchange services and be empowered by others and build partnerships group members.

Promotion: One at a time, each member is given the opportunity to introduce themselves in front of the entire group. (See Meeting Format) Members are encouraged to promote their skills, business, events or opportunities. This helps facilitate interest and awareness for fellow group members. Exchanges: Member introductions will include a brief pitch. Also known as “Ask For It and Offer It” portion of the meeting. The pitch simply answers two question; What do you hope to obtain from the village members? (Ask For It...) What do you have to offer the village members? (Offer It...) Empowerment: Be empowered by other member’s creativity, experiences, presentations and connections. GENERAL MEETING FORMAT:

Welcome: Members complete name tags. Introductions: Organizer will do brief introductions. For pitch events only: Members will state their name, title or affiliation. This will also be the time for members to pitch to the village. Pitch considerations include but are not limited to; the exchange or request of services, talent, opportunities, goods or resources. Open Networking: members make exchanges and have open discussions (15+ minutes) Spotlight Presentation: industry guest speaker, premier opportunity or exchanges, special promotion from service providers, non-profit opportunity, success story or testimonial, ect. (5+ minutes) Recognitions by Creative Village Meetup organizers - continue exchanges and networking Close Meetup

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