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My company, Paper Architect, was created to celebrate our individuality with personalize journals and has expanded into over a dozen workshops (inspired by the journals) such as connecting to the creative process, creating personalized healing mandalas, tea tastings and tea party planning, creative writing workshop series, traveling solo to Paris and more evolving soon.

By "open-minded" I am referring to when you attend these workshops, to leave your ego outside, file what you know in a drawer and close it just for now, tell judgment they're not needed. This is not about being right or a competition about being better or smarter. It is about being open to seeing the familiar with new eyes, as if for the first time, at a deeper level, from a new perspective. To allow yourself to let go and move into a "don't know" mind so you can move a bit out of your comfort zone to expand your creative repertoire as well as to increase self-awareness of your unique talents and abilities in building a richer, more fulfilling life. It's best to look at as many options as you can instead of in terms of black and white; this is the only, best, correct approach. We always have choices to consider, so consider what works for YOU.

Workshops and events are held at various venues mostly in the East Valley but also throughout Los Angeles. The workshops are interactive and meant to be insightful as well as fun and always about exploring the creative process in some way, even the tea and travel classes. The workshops that involve the creative process directly . . . Dare To Be Creative, Creating Personalized Healing Mandalas and the Creative Writing Series . . . may seem random and nonsensical but there is method to my madness. It is my sincere hope that you feel safe and supported in the workshop and when you leave, your head is dancing in non-linear directions, your heart is brimming with enthusiasm and you feel like you can do it! Whatever "it" may be.

Creativity includes everyone just as we are. Coaxing us to use the talents and abilities we have been given to create in a way that is uniquely ours. To be comfortable with what makes you, YOU -- and embrace your authentic self. It takes courage and perseverance because it's not easy. There are forces that keep making us a statistic, restricting, controlling, boxing us in, categorizing us, trying to push us into doing, being, thinking like everyone else so you can be judged by how well you can conform and accepted by doing so. That is creative death.

Let's live a life with our eyes wide open, pay attention, be aware, slow down to notice the details, pause to enjoy the beauty around you, be kind, give gratitude for our experiences. This is how we live a creative life.

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