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Let's get those creative muscles SWOLE. (i'm sorry, lol)
Over the years I've participated in so many different workshops; everything from community center life writing, to structured/competitive workshops at the University level where negative criticism is valued over pandering. During my time as a fledgling writer I've come across some great exercises that I find truly help me to get going. I've taken those exercises and condensed them into a short, intense, writing "regimen" I call "Creative Writing CrossFit". It's a collection of exercises designed to be the pre-workout before you start the real writing! The "program" is essentially four sections that contain various writing exercises of varying length. Each section is modelled after a crossfit workout plan I took at one point in my life (ugh. kill me!) Each exercise therein is short and structured, forcing the writer to focus. We're not looking for pretty, we're looking to get the creative muscles warmed up! The collection of exercises should take us around 45 minutes to get through and once we're done it's time to share. After that, you can leave or socialize or continue on what you're working on. The exercises are to get you started! This is a free get together for like minded people, but if you want to throw me a toonie for coffee for facilitating it'd be greatly appreciated! Oh, and you really have to share at the end! This is non-negotiable! Reading aloud is one of the greatest joys as a writer and it's the best way to showcase what you're really trying to get at!

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