What we're about

Hi everyone!

This is a group for anyone who's interested in and/or practices East Asian calligraphy (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc). More broadly, anyone who's interested in East Asian visual culture and wants to share their passion with others :)

Since it's a relatively rare interest, I figured we could practice calligraphy together, host creative jam sessions, do share-outs, go to museum exhibitions, and even more! I'm super open to ideas so if you have any event ideas, please reach out!

Long term goal? I hope this group becomes a conduit for creatives/artists/everyone interested in East Asian visual culture/calligraphy to come together and jam together on creative projects.

A bit about the host: My name's Vivian and I currently live in SF. I'm a designer by day and a Chinese calligrapher whenever-I-have-time-to-practice. I also do some digital art, sketching, and acrylic painting and enjoy mixing medias.

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