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I have been practising Co-Counselling for 30 years and have found it to be a useful tool. Now I would like to share it with other creatives of color around the world who like me may be struggling with international events, and seeking to connect with others.

COVID has made us come together from everywhere and build connections. Let's use this to create safe space.

About Co-Counselling - It is a grassroots method of personal support based on reciprocal peer counselling. It uses simple methods. Time is shared equally and the essential requirement of the person taking their turn in the role of counsellor is to do their best to listen and give their full attention to the other person. It is not a discussion; the aim is to support the person who is in the client role to work through their own issues in a mainly self-directed way. Co-counselling is a safe space. We observe strict rules of confidentiality. Participants may not talk about each other's content without getting that person's permission. The peer relationship creates a sense of trust between everyone.

I hope you will join me!

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