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Creatives on Purpose - Supporting You To Reach Your Dreams! We are a personal development community for Creatives, based in Auckland (New Zealand) but reaching globally. We run a FREE live online event each month, as well as offering group and individual coaching for Writers, Artists, Musicians, Film-Makers, Producers & Entrepreneurs - and every creative in between! Whether you're already on track, or just getting started, this is a place for you to dream big dreams, take practical action, and be supported by an encouraging network. If you feel you have more creative potential inside you, but you're looking for strategies and guidance to make your dreams happen - Creatives on Purpose is for you!

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The Art of Creative Story-Writing

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Do you have creative ideas for a novel or script...

... but you don't know exactly how to turn them into a finished work?

Full Details Or Get Your Ticket Here: https://bit.ly/cp-acsw

Like you, I’ve also experienced the struggle of going from motivation... to procrastination... to getting stuck in frustration!

If you’re anything like many creatives I speak to, you’ve wrestled with:

- How to get started on shaping your thoughts into an actual novel or script
- How to write in a way that’s interesting and relatable
- Not to mention how to overcome perfectionism, self-doubt and procrastination!!

It can be so overwhelming...

...that many writers end up avoiding writing. Months and even years can go by, without real progress. Your beautiful ideas run the risk of never becoming a finished piece that others can enjoy... if you don’t have a clear pathway forward.

I know the frustration of this process. Over more than 20 years of writing for stage, screen and manuscript, I’ve encountered every writing obstacle you can imagine. But I’ve also discovered powerful keys along the way, that I wish I’d known at the beginning of my journey.

So after many years of learning from experience, I've created The 4 Essentials Writer's Guide, outlining all the foundational keys I’ve learned – yet focusing on keeping it simple and easy to follow. It makes everything SO MUCH CLEARER AND FASTER.

Full Details Or Get Your Ticket Here: https://bit.ly/cp-acsw

You can discover these fundamental keys at a FREE 2-hour live online event. I’ve simplified all the complicated ‘rules’ of creating a great story. I'll show you exactly how to craft YOUR ideas into a fully coherent and compelling story, using time-tested principles.

And it’s not just about writing technique – you’ll learn how to THINK and FEEL like a writer, and overcome those pesky blocks – like fear, doubt, and especially procrastination!

Whether you’re just starting out, or already in the process of writing – this event is for you!

Here’s what you’ll discover at ‘The Art of Creative Story-Writing’:

1. How to overcome negative thoughts about your writing, with my fun Monster Mindshift Technique

2. How to structure your story as a cohesive journey, with the 4S Simple Story Structure Formula

3. How to create characters your audience will fall in love with - with my 3 Core Q’s for Compelling Characters

4. How to know where to start each time you sit down to write – with my signature 4-part O.R.B.S. Method (works for me every time!)

Plus much more!

This powerful Writers Workshop is for you if:

- You've got story ideas that inspire you, but you keep procrastinating... even though you really want to write

- You struggle to know where to start crafting your novel or script, and end up staring at a blank page...

- You're sick of feeling stuck, and you'd love to discover the expert tools & guidance to get momentum on your writing project!

TWO DATES AVAILABLE – Thursday 11th August OR Tuesday 16th August[masked]:00-9:00pm NZST

Click here for details: https://bit.ly/cp-acsw


“So much gold. Thank you Vicki, I honestly feel so blown away by the content.” – Rhiannon Peters (Creative Manager & Script Supervisor)

"This is the most brilliant creative writing course, one of the most articulate and well organized webinars I have been to." - Devon Cool (Songwriter & Creative Writer, USA)

"I have done a number of writing workshops and found this event very engaging... concrete and valuable advice to get started or improve your writing." - Chantal Finn (Writer, Canada)

"I can't believe how much value you get for free." – Sevgi Ikinci (Poet & Writer, New Zealand)

You CAN follow my simple steps and write your novel or script!

Grab your free space today:

Full Details Or Get Your Ticket Here: https://bit.ly/cp-acsw

Love to see you there!

Vicki :)

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The Art of Creative Story-Writing

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