This Meetup is past

14 people went

Every 2 weeks on Thursday

Location visible to members


Please keep your RSVP current as this group is often full and someone would like your spot if you cannot make it.

This is an adult group 18 and over.

Please bring your own supplies or project to work on. We do have supplies in the studio - but we do require a donation depending on which supplies you use.

Maybe you have not had the time to finish that painting

or that sketchbook hasn't been touched in years

is that art journal collecting dust and you need a spot to get started

need a fun space to work on photography

or do some video editing

and any other types of fun projects you have been putting off.

Well this is the place!

This Meetup group is freestyle - this group is not a class or guided. All members work on individual projects. Feel free (not required) to bring a snack to share and lets have some fun!

Life is creative! What is special about this club? This is time set aside just for creativity and yourself. Here you will find an atmosphere of positivity, fun, acceptance and support.

The space where we meet is an art school (Lascaux Academy, El Camino, Belmont (edge of San Carlos).) There are all kinds of media, paper, tools. There is clay and other types of stuff. A lot of our members are hands on creators and crafters but people work in digital, writing, whatever.

Each person can choose each time if they want to focus on their project or mix it up and talk with other people. It’s really amazing how much we pick up from talking to each other and by just seeing what other people are doing.

With a focus on creativity it is a totally nonjudgmental environment. The group as a whole does not talk about marketing, “the art world,” how to get into galleries, etc., we are too busy doing art and having fun.

We play music, bring food to share. We don’t seem to need rules…everyone recognizes the nature of this group, common courtesy, positivity, friendliness, helping out.

WHERE…There is feedback that it is hard to find, probably because it is a bit hard to find (working on that.) For orientation, it almost on the border of San Carlos. No matter how you come by car you will be going Northbound (towards SF) on El Camino. It is located in a 10 business strip mall. At the end of the strip mall there is an unmarked, unlit driveway that goes down behind the buildings and has 40 parking spaces. If you see street parking that is fine except where it is green 15-minute parking. Lascaux Academy is the “last” space in the strip mall.

Message from the founder...
**I believe we are helpers to each other's unfolding, and I want this to be a space where our creative work becomes manifested into the world. Each of us has something to contribute. But it requires showing up. This takes COURAGE and we are here to support you on this journey.**

Creatively, Ann