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Creativity Unleashed is a Meetup group for those who wish to explore their creativity, finding mediums, techniques, and methods that are outside of the box and that have not been tried before! We encourage members to step up to the plate by showcasing their skills at each Meetup and helping their fellow Meetup folks to give their passion a go! Message me for information regarding co-presenting a Creativity Unleashed Gold Coast Meetup.

Topics for our creative flow can be anything from clay to music to poetry and everything in between! Bring your "outside-of-the-box" cap and let the creativity flow!

A member of the group will present their skill at each Meetup and teach others how they achieve the results they are getting! We have an amazing space in Burleigh Heads with 150 square metres of open floor plan "dirty" room, and 60 square metres of "clean" room! Capacity is 15 - 20 people. Tea, coffee and bikkies provided. Cost for participants is generally around $20 per 1-2 hour class plus any materials required.

From January 2019 we will aim for a Meetup on the last afternoon Saturday of each month! Get your Unleashed Creativity ON!

My name is Lynda. I own Firebird Studios - a ceramic studio and classroom. I welcome new members to the group and look forward to finding out about all the art and craft and creative skills you all have and are willing to share with the other members of this group. :-)

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Make Porcelain Jewellery Parts

Firebird Studios


Porcelain is a fine white clay that is smooth and delicate to work with. It is used by many artists to create jewellery pieces. The porcelain pieces can be made into necklaces, earrings and even rings! Workshop is 1.5 hrs and we all get a half kg of porcelain to play with - take the left overs home and keep playing! Bring your work to me within two weeks and it will be ready for the second workshop! In a month's time we will have the second part of the workshop where we put the porcelain pieces together as necklaces, earrings, etc., using pre-made nylon necklace strings, chain, jump rings, found (up cycled) old dress jewellery and more! Come and learn about the wonderful clay that is porcelain, meet some new people who like creativity, have a coffee and enjoy!

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Make a Dinner Setting

Firebird Studios


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