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Are you an online creator (YouTuber, Blogger, Instagrammer, Podcaster, etc.) struggling to find inspiration for your next content idea? Are you looking for people to collaborate with, or simply build a community for your chosen platform?

This Meetup is all about creators helping co-creators.

We know that building an online presence is hard. And especially if you are new to vlogging/blogging, you need a solid support system to push you to succeed (and stay motivated).

Welcome to Creators Unite!

Organized by Natasha, co-creator and vlogger for The Travelling Foxes.

Once we have a good number of people in the group, we will organize monthly or bi-weekly events to get to know each other, exchange tips & best practices, and hopefully, foster collaborations.

Expats, travellers, and locals are welcome! Share your story with us and let's unite our love for creativity.

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