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J/22 Shakedown Sail, Winnipesaukee with Light to Variable Wind, Friday
Warm, sunny, moderate and shifty winds predicted for Friday sailing. A good day to plan on a swim off the boat. This is the boat's 2018 shakedown sail, with the season off to an unusually late start this year due to Skipper recovering from a December knee injury. For this sail, I'm really seeking Crew who already know the boat and who've sailed with me previously, as I'm still somewhat cautiously testing my knee's capabilities. I won't be jumping onto the upper deck yet, and will be operating more strictly from the helm position than what's usual for me. At least for now, I'm sticking to the cockpit as I work on regaining more free-range "sealegs". I do expect to --very soon-- open my scheduling of more sail-days for a wider variety of Crew, including first-timers. If you're interested in sailing on Winnipesaukee, and you expect to have some weekdays free in July, please feel free to RSVP here as a show of interest in the nearterm weekday schedule. Though it's yet to be posted, I expect to soon be back into my routine of sailing 2 or 3 times a week. I do keep track of interested parties and will work to find a good wind day that lines up with your availability. You can also email me directly with questions or to express interest. To do so, please use [masked] and send messages from your personal email account, rather than routing through the MeetUp message system that's linked to our profile pages. Thank You ~ Skipper MaureenT

Fay's Boat Yard

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Respond by: 6/22/2018

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