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We would love to have you join us for a run and a beer in the greater Winston-Salem area.

We are a drinking club with a running problem. If you like to run, jog, hike, walk and have a drink, we are the group for you. There are no annual dues, just pay five bucks each time you come, and your first time is free. Our runs are non-competitive, and co-ed and you must be 21 to join in! (ID-required) It's all about the making exercise fun!

The group must follow a course of flour marks to get to a beer stop along the course for a mini-happy hour. Different flour symbols are used to designate the “true trail” to the “B.N.” (Beer Near). At the end of the trail (usually 3-4 miles) we gather to drink some more beer (optional—water is available, you do not have to drink beer if you do not want to, or are in rehab again) and sing some silly songs.

We usually meet once a month. Check back regularly to see when our next event will be.

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TRAIL #25 Rainbow Wave Explosion

City of Greensboro: Barber Park

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