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Crit Hit! Is a local adventure gaming community in Phoenix, Arizona that hosts a large 3 day gaming retreat in the summer and a 1 day gaming festival in the winter (both funded via Kickstarter), in addition to bi-weekly game nights & other small events throughout the year.

At Crit Hit we have a simple, 3 word ethos that we strive for:

Meet. Learn. Play.

Meet new players and GMs; socialize; maybe find a new game to join after the event is over; even enjoy a panel or other social event at Crit Hit! Join our ever-growing and active online community and find like-minded gamers. Make new friends, go on new adventures.

Learn about some of the best indie RPG and Board Games around, from award-winning designers to highly experienced GMs, you will walk away from Crit Hit having learned about something new in our hobby! We also feature OSR games and, of course, we have Dungeons & Dragons.

Play games, enjoy yourself, and consider Crit Hit your gaming retreat. Life is hectic, and finding time to game is difficult. Set a side 3 days to do what you love!



Upcoming events (5+)

RPG Night At Bookmans (Mesa)

Bookmans Mesa Entertainment Exchange

Bookmans Mesa is joining forces with the Crit Hit Chaos Crew as we present a bi-monthly RPG Night. We’ll feature Dungeons & Dragons as well as other RPG’s such as Star Trek, Conan, Warhammer Fantasy and more! All games are beginner friendly and we welcome veteran players as well. We always make sure that all games are safe, inclusive and fun! We are also looking for GAME MASTERS to help run games and help out! Join us every other Thursday and get ready to SLING SOME DICE!

RPG Club (West)

Scale & Feather Meadery

RPG CLUB WEST Scale And Feather Meadery and Crit Hit biweekly game. Come have fun with awesome people and try out different RPGS and the delicious Mead at Scale and Feather Meadery every other Saturday! If there's a game you'd like to run please message and we would love to fit it in GMS WANTED!! All games are beginner and veteran friendly we love to have a safe and inclusive environment friendly players only. #crithit #scaleabdfeathermeadery


Snakes & Lattes Tempe

JOIN US THE NIGHT BEFORE YOU FEAST WITH OUR BOARD GAME NIGHT AT SNAKES & LATTES in TEMPE! Learn to play the COIN system! COIN can be described as multi-factional guerrilla wargames with a simple area control system that is driven by actions and objectives that are often unique for each faction. Bolted on to this is a card-driven historical event system; the result is simplistic, asymmetrical progression with a historical narrative. With four players the military environment has a political layer of oversight that drives player interaction, sub-optimal decisions, and tense tactical trade-offs. Even your so-called friends can pose a direct threat to your efforts through corruption, cultural patronage, or shady business practices. This is a great beginner game to introduce you to world of the COIN system and war games in general. If you like Euro strategy board games this is a great gateway to a whole other world of games!

Game Night at Snakes & Lattes

Snakes & Lattes Tempe

Join Crit Hit for our bi-weekly game night at Snakes & Lattes in the heart of Tempe! A casual game night of board games, RPGs, food and drink! We can usually be found towards the back on the left-hand side when you enter the building, and we will have several brightly colored signs around our tables. Sometimes due to the needs of the venue we may move to other tables, if you can't easily find us please don't hesitate to ask the hostess where we are, they're super friendly and willing to help! Pick something for a pick up game from the Snakes & Lattes game library OR We'll have a selection of games including special highlight games which we change up each game night! Also, feel free to bring games of your own! Hope to see you there!

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Snakes & Lattes Tempe

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