MTG: M20 Friday Night Magic - Standard


A Casual Magic the Gathering Standard Tournament. The emphasis is community and fun. If you are looking for highly competitive decks and players please check out our Wednesday Standard Tournament. So feel free to try out that jank Vampire deck that is just super fun but not top tier.

Each entry buys a Standard Legal Booster Pack and adds $1.50 to the Store Credit Prize Pool. Or you may opt to put all $5 in the prize pool and play in a additional store credit prize bracket.

Players will play in a swiss tournament capped at 4 rounds for Store Credit. For M20 1st Place will get a Premium Promo Pack as long as there are 8+ players in the event, otherwise it will be a normal Promo Pack. If a Premium Pack is awarded 2nd place will get the normal Promo Pack. Additionally a Promo Pack will be handed out randomly to a player who is not already winning one.

Attendees (1)