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We meet at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Ashley at Twiggs, on the last Friday of EVERY month. The group pedals out PROMPTLY at 8:00. Critical Mass welcomes anything human powered: skates, boards, yes, even bikes! We move at a fairly casual pace of 10mph. The ride is ~10 miles. The rides are at night, so we HIGHLY recommend Lights (LOTS of lights!) (Law REQUIRES lights at night, but that'll be between you and the popos. We're not your mom.) Critical Mass is a large group ride to have FUN, meet new people, and to promote urban bicycle safety, skills, & confidence. Ride respectfully & responsibly, and of course, you ride at your OWN risk.
We have ONE, and ONLY one rule: NO GAPS. If there's room in front of you for a car to sneak inside the MASS, YOU are a MAJOR safety hazard, and need to.., well, PEDAL FASTER, or consider dropping out of the ride. If you're behind this guy, pass him!

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I'm Not Dead Yet - A Ride for Jeff

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

We will be hosting a CMTB ride this month in honor of Jeff. Most of our core CMTB fam knows Jeff, as he was ride leader for 8 years prior to when I (Stephanie) came along. After I began to lead, he took over the production of CMTB in terms of social media content, route creation, and backup. In all the time that I've known him he has been a mentor to me and an advocate for the cycling community here in Tampa. That is why, it's with great sadness that I inform you of his terminal illness. Without going into too much detail, Jeff will be leaving us in the next few weeks. It's his wish to see CMTB off one last time. For that reason we will be having a ride this month. Jeff is still here and he still has that wicked sense of humor. He would love for us to get dressed up for Halloween and ride past his home. This will be the first post pandemic ride for CMTB. It will be a shorter ride than we're used to. We are hoping that every one maintains social distancing guidelines and would greatly appreciate it if everyone wore a mask. If this ride goes well, we will evaluate whether we can move forward with another ride next month. We are also looking for volunteers to help with CMTB. If you're interested, please reach out to us via messenger.

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2nd Sunday ride to Dairy Joy


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