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Crooked River Chapter Trail Crew Trailer & West Branch SP Bridge Fundraiser!

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BTA Crooked River Chapter
Trail Crew Trailer & West Branch State Park Backpack Loop Bridges
$ 4,000 Brush mower, portable air compressor, generator and the remainder of hand tools and supplies.
$ 1,000 (1 of 3) 24 foot bridges to complete the northern leg of a new 26 mile backpacking destination

Help outfit the Crooked River Chapter with the tools and supplies they need to serve the entire Little Loop of the Buckeye Trail and it’s hikers by completing the successful work of CRC volunteers who developed a mobile trail crew trailer!

The Crooked River Chapter in NE Ohio is going gangbusters thanks to the tireless work of their volunteer leadership. With support from Appalachian Outfitters, REI, Vertical Runner, and funds raised at partner events and their creation the BT Little Loop Challenge they have been able to raise over $10,000 to piece together a wrapped and outfitted mobile tool trailer and complete trail structure projects at Mogadore Reservoir and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The crew trailer is just missing one important trail maintenance necessity, a DR Brushmower that can tackle the toughest to maintain sections of the BT. The West Branch State Park backpack loop trail is a perfect example of the need. For 8 years local BTA volunteers have persisted and nearly completed the 12 mile northern leg of the loop. The mobile tool trailer will be used to keep this portion open, cleared and be present in support of the three trail bridge building projects. Help us support our passionate volunteers who are creating and improving great places for us all to hike and enjoy!

We’re not just looking for financial support, we want to see you out on the Buckeye Trail on this project in the upcoming year as a BTA Volunteer! Come see your contribution at work.

Any funds raised over and above our goal will be kept by the Chapter and designated to the next big trail project.

Not even a member of the Buckeye Trail Association yet?! Well, first things first… please visit this site to become a regular member of the BTA – don’t forget BTA members are over 1,400 miles happier than the average Ohioan!