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Lo and Behold, movie screening
What is technology? Where does it come from? What are its effects on society at large and on our individual lives in the past, the present and tomorrow? 4M: MONKEY | MAN | MACHINE | MOVIES: Discussing the impact of technology on society with films This format is scheduled every month to provide a stimulus to discuss the impact of technology on our societies. Each session includes one surprise TED talk, a related film and a open follow up discussion. - Event Itinerary - 18:30-19:30 Registrations and networking 19:30-19:45 surprise TED talk screening in connection with film 19:45-21:30 film screening 21:30-21:45 networking break 21:45-22:30 moderated film discussion - About the movie: Lo and Behold - Munich born and Los Angeles based film maker Werner Herzog takes in Lo and Behold the present day impact and the future implications of the internet – the technology which has transformed human live in scope and depth like only fire and electricity have done before. Interviews with pioneers of the internet who sent the first messages from UCLA to Stanford as well as modern tech entrepreneurs like Sebastian Thrun and Elon Musk tell the story of how a signal between two university research labs evolved into a global phenomenon and from there into artificial intelligence. Technological advancements are measured against the negative impact on people and society. Herzog picks personal stories from a family which got harassed on the web, a group of individuals who suffer from electromagnetic radiation and the global epidemic of online gaming addiction to show that increased connectedness creates many forms of serious collateral damage. - About the Discussion - Join us to discuss the origins and the evolutionary objective of a technology which has transformed our lives like nothing ever before. Where does this trajectory take us? Can we influence its teleological direction? Are we actors or spectators in this performance of universal transformation? If we are actors, what should we do? If we are spectators, should we continue to watch? - About the moderator - Knut K. Wimberger helps executive management with organizational development challenges in a Far East Asian context and supports key individuals to unfold their potential through his consulting firm Telos Pi. He thinks of technology as a value-free agent which needs to be charged positively by human beings and enjoys to find technical solutions to social problems in different organisational settings. - Price - 1. FREE: Movie screening - Prebooking 2. 20RMB: Movie screening - At the door 3. 30RMB: Movie screening + free flow of homemade pizza - Prebooking 4. 50RMB: Movie screening + free flow of homemade pizza - At the door All include: Ted Talk, Movie, Discussion - Time - Wednesday 17 October, 18:30 - Register - Scan the QR code below or click on the following link :) Note: Event will be completely in English; films showed with Chinese subtitles, if available.

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    Created by a Chinese Marketing Expert, founder of iMeetup Yvonne, and a Russian - Malaysian Performance Coach and founder of iNativeSpeaker Margarita, this event incorporates multicultural values and opportunities to mix, find a better job and build Guanxi (network connections) by bringing people together at our biweekly Cross-Cultural Networking Events with guest-speakers who share and inspire everyone who joins us.

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    Networking in a city like Shanghai is easy.

    However, finding a high quality event is a challenge and that is why we arrange exceptionally worthy Cross-Cultural Networking Events for you and invite people you will love talking to (and getting their contacts;) So, overall, you will:

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    Along with networking, you will enjoy drinks and snacks to keep you energetic and happy.

    Becoming a part of Cross-Culture Career Professional&Networking Event, you become a part of a Bigger Culture in this city and in the world.

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