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Cross-Ideological Action - Hartford
Cross-Ideological Action - Hartford
Public group


Every 2nd Sunday of the month until February 16, 2020

Wethersfield Public Library

515 Silas Deane Highway · Wethersfield, CT

How to find us

We will attempt to reserve one of the meeting rooms available at the library.

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We will be discussing a topic on which reasonable people have a variety of different opinions.

Our setup for this event series will follow the format below, subject to revision based on the input of participants:
a) Beforehand, we choose a topic that at least a few of the active participants think is an important one.
b) Everyone is free to suggest sources (books, articles, etc.) which they think might shed light on the issue, and we try to come with a few that have radically different perspectives. Each person who plans to attend reads as many as they can find and which their schedule allows.
c) We open the meeting itself with an icebreaker of some kind, so that we can start the discussion from the perspective of knowing each other a little and hopefully be more civil & empathetic on that account.
d) We each share our personal views. Other people may want to clarify with questions, but we should wait until everyone is done before entering any kind of argument.
e) We try to find some kind of overlap between perspectives, and see whether this points to action of some kind. If so, we can take the first steps while still together.
f) We can spend a few minutes discussing other issues that have come to our attention, and perhaps pick at topic for next time.