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Is the other side really nuts? Find out by joining our open discussion group, where people of all views (conservative, liberal, etc.) are welcome, appreciated, and heard.

This group is part of a National organization with the mission to foster civility and community among politically dissimilar Americans by rising above divisive media politics through mediated, face-to-face discussion. Come learn and practice the skills that will help you share your thoughts and feelings about politics today and listen to what others think and feel so we can understand why others believe what they believe. Our discussions are moderated to ensure that the conversation stays open and friendly.

To learn more about the topics we discuss and the what groups in other parts of the country are doing check out the website: https://www.meetup.com/Crossing-Party-Lines

No judgement, just conversation.

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FILM CLUB: "Poverty, Inc." (Conversation)

Online event

Fighting poverty is big business. Are there times when helping does not actually help — or might even make things worse?

This documentary shows how good intentions can sometimes create unintended consequences that undermine doing good. It asks, how can we “do good” better? And, what are the limits of empathy?

How to join the CPL FILM CLUB

(1) Find and enjoy the show on your own:

(2) Join the conversation at this month's Film Club event



Enjoy great films that help us see the world differently.

Film offers a novel entry point to examining important topics. Film engages more of our senses simultaneously. It can help us understand an issue more directly, as it plays out in lived lives, whether in documentaries or fiction. Films show, not tell — they help us see the world in a holistic way.

Introducing the CPL Film Club: a new way to cross party lines with warm and engaging conversations.

3PM PT / 6PM ET VIA ZOOM 90 minutes

Gun Regulation: Love it or Hate it?

Network event

Online event

The rules for ownership and use of guns continues to be a hotly debated issue in America. The Supreme Court has recently agreed to hear a gun-related case for the first time in two years. At the same time, advocates and legislators on all sides continue to push legislation in the federal and state governments to either loosen or tighten rules. Alongside this is a renewed popular interest in the subject following recent mass shooting incidents and the coverage that followed.

Join us and share your thoughts and experiences about gun ownership and regulation as we explore such questions as:

• What do folks on the other side not understand about your views on gun regulation?
• Where do we draw the line?
• How do we balance the many values and concerns?
• Is there a common ground? Are there any absolute truths?

Pre-read Material:

– The long odds against gun legislation in Congress (Axios, 2018, https://www.axios.com/gun-bills-congress-since-2013-834bc8cf-33d2-4b97-bc22-c5ef8e329fc8.html)
– How to Prevent Gun Deaths? The Views of Experts and the Public (The Upshot, New York Times, 2017, https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/01/10/upshot/How-to-Prevent-Gun-Deaths-The-Views-of-Experts-and-the-Public.html)
– Why is there so little research on guns in the US? 6 questions answered (Fox2 News via AP, March 2021, https://fox2now.com/news/national/why-is-there-so-little-research-on-guns-in-the-us-6-questions-answered/)

Join the Crossing Party Lines discussion and have a voice in our Nation’s Conversation! People of all views are welcomed, appreciated, and heard.

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Online event

Get the training you need to effectively cross party lines.

Crossing Party Lines provides a series of FREE classes teaching the skills we use to talk across differences. We teach proven, science-based techniques to foster curiosity, invite listening, and connect across differences.

We designed these techniques based on recent discoveries in such fields as cognitive science, neurobiology, and evolutionary psychology. Because understanding the partisan brain is central to the work of Crossing Party Lines, our workshops cover both the skills and some of the basic science behind them.

Note: While we do not require that you take our classes in order, those with higher course numbers cover skills and concepts that are more advanced than lower numbers.

BOOK CLUB: Book Conversation

Online event

Join us to discuss this month's BOOK CLUB selection.



Discover the books people are reading to cross party lines.

As much as we might love other media forms, it’s reading good books that best helps us understand the world. Extended prose is the most effective way to communicate complex ideas. That makes sharing a book with friends such a rich and rewarding experience — especially when we see things differently.

Introducing the CPL BOOK CLUB: a space to discover the joys of reading with others who want to bridge our differences and explore issues that divide us. Each month we take up a book that provides a platform for warm and engaging conversation. This is our conversation about this month's book.

One Hour Book Introduction (1st Weds)
Two Hour Book Conversation (4th Weds)



False Black Power? by Jason Riley

Apocalypse Never by Michael Shellenberger

Against Empathy by Paul Bloom

The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianof and Jonathan Haidt


“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
Frederick Douglass

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BOOK CLUB: Book Introduction

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