What we're about

Civil, respectful conversation with people with different political views?

Yes, it is possible. We’re doing it and you can, too.

Crossing Party Lines is YOUR brave space to meet and talk with people you disagree with and may not even understand. You might have fun!

Our events include:

- DISCUSSIONS: We meet as small groups where you can talk to real people about the issues that divide us. Share your unique insights, encounter new perspectives and new ways of looking at the world, and experience what it's like to feel heard and understood.

You'll find that it is possible to disagree in a way that leaves you feeling true to yourself and your beliefs without losing your friends or your cool.

- WORKSHOPS: We teach the skills you need to effectively talk across differences. You will learn ways to foster curiosity and invite listening, acquire strategies for overcoming common communication barriers, and develop the confidence to talk politics with people you know, live, and work with.

- COMMUNITY EVENTS: We’re not just about talking – we’re also about community. We host game nights, screen videos, share books, and offer many other ways of connecting across differences.

At all events, trained facilitators set the tone of the discussion and help the group build trust. Come see what civil, respectful conversation is like. Who knows, you might make friends with someone you disagree with!

More about Crossing Party Lines:

We are a national nonprofit with chapters in eight states. Because we believe that the success of America’s unique democracy relies on the diversity of our viewpoints, we encourage people of all political views and parties to join and participate.

Come learn, explore, practice, and grow with us. Join this grassroots movement and become the change in your community.

Note: Due to COVID, most of our events are online. Unless otherwise stated, events are open to all Crossing Party Lines chapters, giving you a chance to interact with people from all over the country.

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Patriotism: What does it mean to you?

Network event

Online event

Merriam Webster defines patriotism as “love for or devotion to one's country.” At the meet-up this week we’ll explore what patriotism means to each of us personally. We will reflect on the meanings of patriotism, based on our lived experience as Americans. We might find that we have more in common than we thought, or less in common. Either way, it should be an interesting and compelling conversation!

As always in Crossing Party Lines meet-ups, we appreciate the opportunity to learn from our differences. We encourage people of all political views and parties to join and participate. Our conversations are moderated to ensure that they are open and friendly."

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Debt Limit: Economic Tool or Political Weapon?

Online event

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