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National Debt: Is it Worth Fixing?
Last National Topic of 2018!! Over the past two decades, our country's deficit has grown from $22 billion to $441 billion per year. Our debt has grown to almost $20 trillion. Those are big numbers! During his first presidential campaign, President Trump promised to eliminate the debt in eight years, but his opponents question whether that is even a possibility. The bigger question is do we, the people, care enough to make the tough choices balancing the budget will require, and if so, how we believe US tax dollars should be spent (e.g.,spending cuts/hikes in specific programs). We’ll set the groundwork for this discussion with pre-reads that: - Define key terms such as deficit, debt, and GDP within the context of the Federal government. - Provide historical data as to how other countries have fared with similar debt levels. - Give us a sense of who we are indebted to. - Discuss the president’s role in fixing the issue. (This topic was selected by CPL Members through the last #VirtualDemocracy Poll! -- Thank you to all who participated) Pre-read Material: - How We Got Here & What It Means (Overview): ( - Politifact rates Presidents Trumps promise to lower debt in 8 years as “Stalled” ( - U.S. Debt Crisis Summary, Timeline and Solutions: ( - The National Debt, Explained: - How Government Spending Works: ( - Where We Spend our Money: ( - The U.S. Debt Crisis Explained In Layman's Terms: ( - 5 Things Most People Don't Understand About the National Debt: ( Videos: National Debt in Nutshell (~6min) ( Detailed Federal Debt Overview (~30min) Part 1 - Fundamentals - ( Part 2 - Accumulation - ( Part 3 - Consequences - ( Join the Crossing Party Lines discussion and have a voice in our Nation’s Conversation! People of all views are welcomed, appreciated, and heard. We would love to hear your thoughts on our social media platforms. Don't miss topic announcements, updates, news! Follow us on: Instagram @crossingpartylines Twitter @crosspartylines Facebook @crossingpartylines

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