Intro to Crossing Party Lines: Talking Politics [ONLINE]

Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR
Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR
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ONLINE: This meeting will take place online as a Zoom virtual meeting - click this link to go to our Zoom conference room.


Civil, respectful discourse. Talking. Listening.

In CPL 101 we covered the basics of how to Listen Politics in a way that fosters connection and understanding. In this follow-up class we'll share the secrets of Talking Politics in a way that invites others to listen rather than dares them to defend against your ideas or shut you down.

Talking politics refers to sharing your views in a way that supports dialogue instead of debate. Rather than the typical political speak we hear in the media and debates that is all about telling others how they should think, CPL’s approach to talking politics provides insight into why your political views make sense to you; it promotes curiosity, respect and connection and helps others understand how their views and yours can coexist without either of you being wrong or immoral.

But it is not easy, because we’re conditioned to defend our point of view rather than share it or share about ourselves. In this meetup we will practice skills that enable us to speak across our differences in a way that moves us all forward and deepens our understanding of where our views come from. We will explore strategies for overcoming communication barriers, and we will practice productive civil discourse.

There are no prerequisites for this course. All are welcome.

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