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Crowd & Country is a new group designed to encourage more people of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds to explore rural Britain.

I love the outdoors and exploring different places. As a black guy cycling, running or hiking around most parts of the country with my white friends - its disappointing not to see more people of BAME backgrounds better represented – so I decided to create a group to get more of us out there!

These links got me all inspired too:




Crowd & Country isn’t just for people of BAME backgrounds – it’s open to people of all shades who are sensitive to the issues above and keen to get out and explore the UK countryside in more diverse groups!

Its relaxed and chilled.

Format will be a few hours of walking (in or around London) and ending up in a pub for a few beers!

If it sounds like your bag, sign up and stay tuned to hear about upcoming trips.


Upcoming events (1)

Wimbledon to Richmond (8½ miles)

SW19 7NL

Hi All! Following the success of our Hampstead trek, please find below more details about our next walk... Hope you can make it! Gav Date: Saturday 2nd February 2019 Time and meet-up destination: 10.00am outside Wimbledon Main Railway Station. When you exit the main station, there is a 'WHsmith Express' on your left - lets meet there. Address: Wimbledon Railway Station, Station Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 7NL Route: Wimbledon to Richmond (8½ miles) ending up in the White Cross - a wonderful pub overlooking the Thames! The walk should last around 3½ hours. NOTE: Path will be muddy in places Cost: None. You only need to bring your own refreshments (drinks and snacks) for when we stop for a break and pay for your own drinks in the pub after the walk. Future trips may incur a charge to cover: train tickets or group insurance (for the more challenging outings) etc. POINTS TO NOTE! Crowd & Country is a chilled, self-guided, non-commercial hobby group – its all about having fun – so we want to make sure that every one - especially if new to the outdoors - is fully prepared! SLIPPIN’ AND SLIDIN’ Sometimes we will go ahead even in crappy weather (because we’re hardcore!) So those not used to outdoorsy walking should be careful - a light rain downpour can almost flood a walking path with mud and make it very slippery. So wear good walking footgear! Bring some waterproofs as well so you fling those on if you start getting wet. KEEP UP! Everyone is welcome to sign up, but you MUST be fit and healthy enough to keep up with the group at a slow/steady pace. If in doubt, do some practice walks around your local park/area and build yourself up so you can show us what your made of in the next trip!! REFRESHMENTS We’re not crossing the Sahara - but many areas we visit may not have a supermarket/convenience store nearby – so make sure you bring some water (1-2 litres is recommended)/snacks to have when we take a break. Its 20p to use the loo at our main break, so bring change! CHECK IT OUT Feel free to research and read up about the area we visit as much as you want. This will contribute to great conversations and a rich experience. If you want to help out by planning a future outing to an area that interests you, DM me and let’s talk. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the planning and coordination of our trips. At the bare minimum, you should read up how to get to the start point of the walk, at the designated time! SMILE! A few of us will be taking shots of the group to raise awareness of what we do and encourage more people to join our fabulous group! If you get some good shots, stick a filter on it and do @crowdandcountry or #crowdandcountry If you’re not comfortable being photographed, just give me a nudge and I’ll push the lens in another direction. LIABILITY Being a group/community of friends in the original Meetup sense and not a business, everyone is responsible for their own safety and nobody is liable for any damage, injury or loss during our trips. There is no insurance cover and some participants may want to arrange this for themselves. We, the trip planners, personally don't buy any insurance because we are confident that our choice of routes and trips is absolutely safe, and we hope that with the precautions we take all participants also behave reasonably and respectfully, and don't do anything crazy. However, if you would personally feel more at ease with insurance then do get it - search online for outdoor insurance. The only exception to this point may be if we go on more advanced activities and decide to pool our resources to hire outdoor instructors/professionals e.g. for advanced activities etc. I THINK THAT’S ALL FOR NOW… Ask, don't assume! If you have any doubts about the trip, again DM me and I’ll come back to you! See you there! Gav

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Hampstead Heath Circular Walk (4½ miles)

Hampstead Tube Station

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