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Do you have a strong opinion? Do you feel that you have a voice that isn't heard? Are there subjects that you feel are under threat? Do you agree that there is not enough progressive discourse between conflicting ideas?

I've launched a new YouTube channel that aims to bring together voices from all four corners of the opinion-sphere. Long format conversation is a new phenomenon that is taking the internet by storm as the mainstream media trundles on with it's outdated, agenda based and time-restrictive format.

I plan to hold monthly discussions based on a single or collection of topics that will be recorded for later upload to my youtube channel.

It's important you understand that;

You understand that this is recorded
You will need to sign a waiver before attending
You will comply with YouTube's policy on content (I want my channel to stay alive!)
You can allow other people to speak when it's there turn
You are courteous and respectful to other attendees
You are not aggressive, abusive or disruptive

The first meeting will be scheduled in due course. Let's bring ideas together and demonstrate to the world what can be achieved when we allow others to openly share their ideas and opinions despite our own objections and discomfort towards them.

Warning: There is every possibility that you may feel angered, annoyed, upset, offended and outnumbered in certain scenarios, but I will do my best to moderate the time we spend together.

Let's see this opportunity as one which brings together people of varying backgrounds in the hope we can all walk away from these discussions that little bit more knowledgeable about the world.

Meet-ups will be located within the Crowthorne Area (RG45)

For more info contact me via email: theoveractivebrain@outlook.com

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