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So, I'm supposed to write something here that will help give you an Idea of what this Meetup group will do and the type of people should join. I'll keep it light and simple. I want to talk to all of the intellectual misfits in NYC. That's right, are you a black conservative? Then you should join. Are you a woman who's against the me too movement? Then you should join. Are you a fan of Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Joe rogan, or Dave Rubin? Then you should join.

In this PC climate it feels like certain conversations aren't "allowed to be had". You can't be a liberal and want border control. You can't be conservative and also want abortion to be legal. You can't be interested in speaking about politics one day and sex another day. I'm calling bulls**t.

This group is for the free thinkers. The people that have "dangerous" thoughts. I would like for us to meet up bi-weekly to get together and discuss a set of topics openly and honestly. Open floor, no filtering, and no hard feelings. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, welcome aboard!

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