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If you've ever cruised or want to cruise this is the group for you! There is no vacation less stressful than one at sea. I am an avid traveler and owner of Ladybug Cruises, an independent franchise of Cruise Planners, an American Express company. I will NOT try to sell at the meetups. It is against Meetup policy and in fairness to the other members, any personal business will have to be done before or after group time.

We'll plan land or cruise trips, for singles wanting to take advantage of singles specials fares or those who prefer to travel in a group for extra savings and perks, not to mention good company. Sometimes we'll just talk about our memories or future plans. We're just getting started, it's up to you the direction we go.

One thing I do know for sure, after 40 years of this, everyone has a different experience on every trip. You can be laughing at the entertainer and the folks around you just stare straight ahead. Perhaps you think the food is killer and your tablemates turn up their noses. One of my favorite destinations is not necessarily yours. The best way to decide on your vacation is to gather as many bits of information about what matters to you, make a short list then get the lowdown about secret specials from a travel professional and choose which comes closest to your budget. There are great tours and all-inclusives all over the world and we have members who have had extensive travel experiences to share tips.

An advantage of my affiliation is I have materials and brochures for you which are not handed out as liberally as in the past. Where did all the travel agencies go?!

My goal is to to create a casual friendly atmosphere where the well traveled will swap stories and provide tips for those new to the cruise world. If you love cruising, or want to dive in, please join us!

Again, request for brochures are welcome, simply email or message me destinations, lines or tours and I'll bring them to a meeting or mail them to you. I have thousands, but on the off chance I don't have what you want, Ill get it for you.

Please join us, the more the merrier!

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