What we're about

Many of you may have heard about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.. But did you know that there are thousands of other Crypto Assets out there?

The world is getting tokenised, thousands and thousands upon startups are jumping at this opportunity to try to become the next Amazon, Facebook, Google, Heck even the next JPMorgan.

Just like in the early stages of the Internet, we are at the very beginnings of another, similar type of revolution, The Distributed Ledger Technology Revolution. And just as how the pioneer investors in the tech companies made millions, we too have a shot at making Millions from this revolution. The reason for me starting this group is to share my sheer excitement about what I believe to be a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity.

You should join this group if:

1) You share the similar excitement about our Tokenised Future
2) You are newbie and wants to learn about getting in the Crypto Assets Investment
3) You're just curious and wants know what the fuss is all about

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