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One thing I DO is talk honestly about Crypto that why I have opened this Meetup and like you to join>>>>>

Am quite an enthusiast, regular storyteller and attended hundreds of meetings in this space.

That's why I have 27,000 followers on LinkedIn and growing.

But put that aside, apart from me interviewing some of the greatest experts around the world that have grown my following, the question that runs past my head is:

Where is the revolution of Crypto heading too in 2019, 2020?
What is the problem we're solving?
Is Cryptocurrency going to change the World?

Some further questions that we must ask?

Where is STO market going? How do you see the STO market growing? What is STO?

Crypto has been here for over 5 years since the day Bitcoin was trading for less than a cent. And it is here to stay. Nothing is going to remove it and we just have to get used to it.

We have seen BEAR market drop and rise, and 2018 WAS one of the worst bear markets ever that saw Bitcoin decline 80% from its All-Time High.

ICOs have been stretched, we have seen scams come and go, that most will destine to fail.

Welcome to the real world of Crypto>>>>>

This meetup is for those that are curious in Crypto.

The one thing that interesting now is STOs - the future, the vision, and what is ahead>>>>

The Security token offering space is shaping up this market. Many projects now will have to go through regulatory procedures to deem if they are a security or not.

The ACT is clearing up that now this space is turning into a positive stream of investment. Just take a look at the countries adopting it (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Russia) that the west is ready for it too in some way. This meetup is all about STOS and what is happening in the space- It evolves getting the Crypto Community together and tell people that STOs are the future- it is the Future.

For people that want to join this Meetup- This Meetup will be all about?

Where is STO heading to in the Future?
What is an STO?
How are Projects defining the STO space?
What problems are now STO projects trying to solve?

This Meetup specifically focusses on?

1-For Businesses that want to enter the space
2-They want to question it, explore and understand
3-They want to network with like-minded people and explore the space
4-They want to share education and knowledge and learning that can help us all understand.

I have arranged this MEETUP as I care about the Crypto space. It is the future and will mold our lives in every way which Blockchain technology is doing. Now I like to build this Meetup- I ask all Crypto Enthusiasts, learners, or those that want to seek knowledge or just curious by it to JOIN US.

This community is all about you and it couldn't happen without you. Any person can join that wants to learn and pass on knowledge to others.

Regular meetups will occur that get likeminded people together. It shares the attention the understanding and more important the education of what is happening in STOs that gets you guys talking.

Join us in the regular meetup as STOs is going to define 2019. The Crypto world is going to look much different as it enters a new paradigm and connects the whole ecosystem together of Blockchain technology.

The market will be defined. And we won't see every project succeed- How this space evolves we only know what is store ahead in the future?

Therefore, I welcome EVERYONE of you to join. The journey is only just beginning.

And its you that makes it happen- the community that believes in it- is the only way it will survive. Let us start 2019 together and follow the ride through.

This Meetup is curious for those that are interested in this market.

And as such it will grow naturally for those that care about this area- so people pass on this meetup to tell other people about it so we can grow this community together.

Thank you and welcome to the biggest STO Meetup.

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