Workshop: Block ads, trackers and malware with Raspberry Pi and Pi-hole


Join us for the latest CryptoAUSTRALIA workshop and learn to install ‘Pi-hole’ on your home network to protect you and your family from ads, trackers and malware.

# Why Do I Need This?

Pi-hole is a network-based blocker app you can install on a Raspberry Pi. Pi-hole pulls hundreds of thousands of unwanted domains from third-party sources.

Pi-hole can prevent your computer and smartphones from accessing ad-serving pages, trackers, malware/ransomware command and control (C2) servers and phishing websites.

Simply connect your Raspberry Pi on your home network and start filtering malicious traffic.

# What Can You Expect on the Workshop?

The structure of the workshop is still under development. However, we plan a short 30-minute-long presentation on the Pi-hole project. We will show how you can install and configure the device. We will also explain which third-party block lists you should add on top of the built-in ones and why.

After the presentation, we will do a freestyle 1-1.5 hour workshop. Bring your own Raspberry Pi with you to the event and install Pi-hole on the spot with us. We will have our friendly workshop instructors helping you with all sorts of troubles on the spot.

By the end of the workshop, you will have your Raspberry Pi device with Pi-hole installed on it. You can take the device home, connect it to your LAN and start protecting your family on your home network.

We managed to get a promo code from Little Bird Electronics, who are official resellers of Raspberry Pi in Australia and based in Sydney. If you do not own a RPi, but are keen on getting one before the workshop, check out the code in the blog post below.

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