Past Meetup

CryptoTuesday for Social Good


Every 1st Tuesday of the month

Needs a location


CryptoTuesday For Social Good is a monthly meetup featuring a speaker or panel comprised of those leveraging blockchain technology to make extraordinary communal advancements in our world. This event is guided towards learning the inspiration behind the project, to learn about the obstacles those behind the project have faced, and the ones they seek to overcome. As a social meetup, following the 30 minute presentation and Q&A, guests are encouraged to connect with one another in an effort to create inspirational dialogue around ideas for future social good advancements in our society - with the help of an open bar.

6:30-7:00 ---- Check in
7:00-7:30 ---- Speakers
7:30-9:00 ---- Socialize/Network

• Important to know: You will check in on the ground floor, be sure to RSVP so that your name is on the list. // CryptoTuesday for Social Good is hosted by Crypto Oracle, Knotel, and Prysm Group.

CryptoOracle is a VC focused on investing in the greatest Crypto companies in the world (i.e. those leveraging blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, zero proof knowledge, and decentralization). In addition, CryptoOracle provides Crypto Advisory services and aggregates Crypto Media assets.

Knotel provides customized spaces for companies, allowing businesses to cut costs and enjoy the freedom of a flexible lease. Knotel builds and designs your HQ, supports your team’s everyday needs, and hosts thought-provoking events that help your company thrive. Knotel’s 2,000+ member network include companies like Cheddar, Stash, The Body Shop, and Teachable.

Prysm Group is a global blockchain economics & governance design firm led by PhD-level economists trained by the world’s top universities assisting blockchain organizations with the application of economics sciences using a first principles-based approach to achieve long-term platform sustainability and maximum market efficiency.