Speaker Session with Bitwala and the CRIX Team - Humboldt University Berlin

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Scaling Spaces - H:32

Hardenbergstraße 32 · Berlin

How to find us

You come from S&U Zoologischer Garten, climb over the chain/cross the parking lot, go up the stairs, pass the cycle stand and to your left is the entrance. In the entrance hall on your right is the reception. After 7pm , talk to the Security Guys!

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Dear Crypto Trading Community,

Bitwala and the CRIX Team of the Humboldt University Berlin will present at our next meetup. The event will take place right next to Berlins Stock Exchange, at FinLeaps Event & Co-Working Space - "Scaling Spaces H:32". We have two speakers which will talk about their individual projects in the Crypto Trading Space. Each Speaker has about 35 - 40min with a short 5 - 10min Q&A. After the series of talks, you will have the chance to speak to the presenters individually or just stick around and enjoy the view and a few drinks.


18:30 - Welcome (Grab a Drink and a Seat, login to the WiFi)
19:00 - Dennis Daiber, Head of Trading, Bitwala - "History of Bitwala and it's Regulatory Challenges"
19:45 - Raphael Reule, Humboldt University Berlin - "CRIX CRyptocurrency IndeX"
20:30 - Drinks, Snacks & Chat with Presenters

I specifically want to thank our location host "Scaling Spaces" to provide us with their event space. If you are looking for a co-working space for yourself or your team, please visit the website mentioned further below. They have a special discount for members of our group!

About Bitwala
Bitwala is Germany’s cryptocurrency flagship with the mission
of building the bank to bridge traditional and blockchain-based
finance. Based in Berlin, Bitwala offers the world’s first all-in-one
platform combining a regular bank account, a Bitcoin wallet, and
seamless bitcoin trading options. Our customers can easily buy
and sell bitcoin - whether online or mobile - with fast liquidity
directly from their bank account, hosted by a German partner
bank. Bitwala only charges a competitive 1 percent fee for every
bitcoin trade.

About CRIX, Humboldt University Berlin
The cryptocurrency market is unique on many levels: Very volatile, frequently changing market structure, emerging and vanishing of cryptocurrencies on a daily level. Following its development became a difficult task with the success of cryptocurrencies (CCs) other than Bitcoin. For fiat currency markets, the IMF offers the index SDR and, prior to the EUR, the ECU existed, which was an index representing the development of European currencies. Index providers decide on a fixed number of index constituents which will represent the market segment. It is a challenge to fix a number and develop rules for the constituents in view of the market changes. In the frequently changing CC market, this challenge is even more severe. A method relying on the AIC is proposed to quickly react to market changes and therefore enable us to create an index, referred to as CRIX, for the cryptocurrency market.

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