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Hello cryptocurrency traders (and those trading the markets in general)! You know deep down inside that there has to be a better way to approach the markets. Trading alone is neither healthy nor prudent. To make things worse, there is a lot of bullsh*t out there.
If you desire a focused, professional, and accountable approach to your trading, and can work within a structured group, join this meetup.
The primary goal is to produce consistently profitable trading strategies across a wide range of markets for exclusive use only by the group members. If a strategy looks good in simulation, but does not work in the live markets, we find out fast, and move on. The ultimate test is simply what can be demonstrated to work consistently and with the least risk.
Is the time demand of this group high? Yes, but the learning acceleration is invaluable.
Do you need to be intellectually engaged and proactively contribute? Yes, and collectively we will all benefit from multiple perspectives, experiences, and insights.
Do you have to take responsibility for your own trading actions? YES - - you are the "decider".
Do you need money to get participate? YES (but see below)...
No money to trade with? If you have relevant programming skills which you can readily demonstrate, we want to talk with you because programmers who are capable of building out trading and money management strategies are valuable to the group.
Note: ALL events require a non-disclosure form and other relevant legal documents to be signed as a condition of participation because this group not an offer or any form of solicitation or any agreement between members or the group as a whole.

Please turn off your phone and any recording devices BEFORE entering the meeting room as traders will have their trading DOM and other account strategies running live.

Please respect the privacy of other members who are evaluating putting trades on / off etc. since real money "live" trading may be in progress.

Send your questions, comments, or compliments to chartcamera@gmail.com

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