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Practice cryptoeconomics. Manage crypto assets&grow decentralised tech projects

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Cold beers and hot cryptoeconomics for everyone.

This event is about is about what it means to be a part of crypto economic ecosystem: managing crypto assets, investing in blockchain projects and growing your own.

Cryptoeconomics Spring/Summer collection from - Cyber.Fund, Satoshi.Fund, a (pretty) random number generation on Ethereum for DAO.Casino project, an announcement from Aeternity, a short intro into money by Alex Kampa from Sikoba. Discussions, open beer and ginger cookies.

6.30 - 7pm Doors open

Meet people, grab a drink and relax. Check out Agora ( - a co-work & event space that also has a super nice garden terrace where we can hangout before presentations.

7pm - 7.15pm Managing crypto assets

Satoshi.Fund ( is a fully transparent crypto assets investment fund operating since 2014.

The portfolio is auditable in real time and all transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

This project is presented by a co-founder Konstantin Lomashuk

While for many crypto tokens remain in a gray area, and some would not dare to compare that with any investment vehicle, it is important to see how blockchain’s own features: transparency and immutability serves customer protection purposes.

7.20 - 7.35 Investing in decentralised tech startups

Cyber.Fund ( is navigating cryptoeconomy for the past 4 years, and uses it’s resources to kick start & support projects in decentralised tech ecosystem. Cyber.Fund’s team is continuously discovering new projects to support and invest in.

By Dima Starodubcev (

7.40pm - 8.10pm Pretty good randomness on a deterministic virtual machine

It is possible to design and build system that will replace current gambling industry by disintermediating old school online casinos, and that's what we're doing. On Ethereum everyone can be a casino, but for such system to work you need random numbers. Random number generation should happen directly on Ethereum, without relying on a third party. It is not a trivial task. We will present a design of this particular protocol that we have been working on with the help of Ethereum community.

Since the very beginning of Ethereum one could imagine that it will change gaming industry. In summer last year we started to research what this new industry would look like, beyond just a few individual games or an appstore, designed an architecture and started implementing the system.

DAO.Casino is an Ethereum powered system that expresses a business logic of an online gambling industry in a decentralised and p2p manner - not just one aspect of it but the most: from a p2p market place for the game devs to provably fair random number generation, that happens within Ethereum, not a third party.

By Ksenya Bellman (
[masked] Aeternity

Aeternity ( very special secret announcement - blockchain architecture that is scalable, governable and scriptable. Aeternity is using a PoS / PoW hybrid and implement a form of futarchy where miners vote and value-holders bet.

8.40 - 8.55 P2P IOUs on the blockchain

Sikoba special announcement - Sikoba is a global and decentralised money platform based on peer-to-peer IOUs
[masked] Finish all the beers and continue at the Rollberg Brewery

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