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Crystal City Guitarists CCJ XXIII: 20 November, 6:30pm until....
• What we'll do: Something new for CCG! By popular demand (sort of) we will be doing a Neil Young theme night in November. Because Neil played a lot of alternate tunings let's plan on doing standard songs for the early shift and save the re-tunings for those who can stay a little later. So, if you have a song in mind (any tuning) please post which version of that song from the free "" website you prefer. Alternatively, any other source you may choose is perfectly fine; we just need to post/email a link to that version of your song so that we all begin with the same sheet of music on Tuesday. Also, if you find a background track you would like to for us to use along with your song, just download it to your phone and we will run through the group's small amp. No later than Friday prior to the meet-up (or earlier if we have enough suggestions), links will be posted/emailed to each song which will ensure we are all, literally, on the same page. For those who can stay longer we will have time later in the evening to play other songs, go a few rounds with the solo circle, and do pretty much whatever feels good at the time. • What to bring: An acoustic guitar, a music stand is very helpful, a tuner if needed, picks, capo, printouts of all the songs (essential), pen/pencil/crayon....and perhaps a little cash as there is a convenience store down the hall for drinks and sugar fixes.

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Welcome to Crystal City Guitarists!

This group will be of interest to those already comfortable with guitar and able to play basic open chords. However, other non-electrified instruments and singers are also most welcome! Although classic rock is almost always on the playlist we try to expand our repertoirs by delving into other genres. Playing a variety of songs with a greater range of chords, rhythms, and grooves will enable us all to become more well-rounded and proficient players and singers.

The weekend prior to each meet-up a playlist based on suggestions received from the group will be sent to all members. The group utilizes the "" site (free) for music and lyrics so that all members can be on the same figurative and literal page. As an alternative to "ultimate-guitar", members can utilize whatever source material they choose and can post a link to their arrangement prior to the meet-up. This will allow the entire group to benefit from its members wide variety of styles and skills.

In addition to playing new songs suggested, we also revisit previous songs, have solo and improvisation opportunities for all skill levels, and will attempt anything else that sounds good on an acoustic guitar. So, please feel free to make any recommendations and/or suggestion that will make this meet-up more enjoyable and productive for all. Thanks again for your interest.

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