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Join a group of like minded people that enjoy working with crystalline energy and essential oils to balance and harmonize mind, body and spirit. Work with crystal grids, medicine wheels and guides to channel the energy and messages of the stones and plants. Find ways of bringing the magic and power of crystal allys into your daily life in simple effective ways.

What are crystals?

Crystals are solid material in which the atoms are arranged in regular geometrical patterns. The crystal shape is the external expression of the mineral's regular internal atomic structure. Temperature, pressure, chemical conditions and the amount of space available are some of the things that affect their growth. Many crystallize from watery solutions, some from molten rock as during volcanic eruptions when lava cools rapidly.
There are seven shapes that crystals form:








Working with crystals:Choose a stone that you are attracted too. Your intuition will never let you down. This is most likely the stone that your body will need at that particular time. Pay attention to the colour of the stone as the colour will correspond to one of the chakras. See the chakra chart on my "using crystals" page for more info on chakras. Brown, black and dark stones as well as red stones correspond to the root chakra. Cleanse your stone after you first receive it as many people may have handled the stone before you.

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