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Let's get together to share and learn about Cuba and the Caribbean - ecosystem, culture, music, art, food, and humor! ;-) And, let's envision what alternative possibilities for "tourism" in Cuba and the Caribbean could be - respectful of the native people, the islands, the Ocean - and what we could be doing in support.

I am a Cuban-American, resident of Colorado for almost 25 years (balancing Boulder-Telluride!), grew up in what was the US Canal Zone in Panama; passionate about the Ocean, the Mountains, the Canyonlands and all Wilderness; avid scuba diver, hiker, backpacker, skier. I finally just received my Cuban passport, am planning a family trip to Cuba in June, and hopefully many more to follow ;-) !

Ideas for upcoming Meetups and for sharing with each other through this Meetup Web Site (and I welcome yours!)

• Cuba Today, Traveling to Cuba - share with each other

• Ecotourism - share with each other: what are some good examples? (I could share about Belize, where I visit every year)

• Boulder - Cuba Sister City program - it sounds like there is an existing program, invite someone to share with us more about it

• Caribbean island & coral reef ecology - invite speakers, watch documentaries

• Learning /Practicing Spanish - local options, share with each other

• Sampling Cuban cuisine - local options, share with each other + my mother's when she visits ;-)

• Other suggestions?

Past events (4)

US/CUBA: Can the Best of Enemies Kiss and Make Up?

Needs a location

Cuba EcoTourism Monthly Meetup

Needs a location

Cuba EcoTourism Monthly Meetup

Needs a location

Cuba & Caribbean Culture Monthly Meetup

Boulder Public Library - Arapahoe Conference Room