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Cults exist to exploit the weak and the vulnerable. Conspiracy theories are knee-jerk reactions to truths that we don't like the sound of. The entire world is engulfed in delusion.

Cult Busters will appeal to people who have some knowledge of how cults operate; how they manipulate the minds of impressionable people, particularly young people.

Cult Busters will appeal to people who are tired of hearing about alien visitations, Pearl Harbour treachery, Area 51 cover-ups, fake moon landings, JFK and the grassy knoll, 9/11 was an inside job, Prince Phillip murdered Princess Diana, John Howard paid a marksman to shoot tourists at Port Arthur, and the London bombings were planned by Tony Blair.

I'm an atheist but you don't have to be. If you've been taught to worship a particular deity in a certain way, go for it. Personally I find it impossible to worship jealous and wrathful gods, walking talking corpses or flying prophets, but that's just me.

All we're concerned about here, with this group, is combating brain devouring cults and modern day absurdities that seem to crop up every time something big or important occurs in the world.

You are welcome to join Cult Busters and challenge my assertions. I'm happy to debate thermite theology or Xenu the intergalactic warlord, or for that matter any so-called indisputable, self evident, incontrovertible, "peer reviewed" truth.

Ciao4now, Douglas McCartney


'Pascal's Wager' is an argument presented by the seventeenth-century French philosopher, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal (1623–62). According to Pascal, by disavowing 'God' we gamble with our eternal future.

Pascal argues that a sensible person will live as though God does exist, or at least seek to believe in God. If it turns out that God does not exist, then all we've sacrificed are a few fleeting pleasures (such as sexual hi jinx, material luxury, etc.) Whereas if we believe in God we stand to score infinite gains such as Everlasting Life in Heaven while avoiding the Eternal Flames of Hell.

OK, let's say I'm wrong and there is such a thing as a God, and a judgement day. There's you and me standing before "Him". He asks you, "Do you really believe that I drowned children? That I burned thousands of children to death? That I forced mothers to boil and eat their children? That I had 42 children ripped apart by wild bears for simply being cheeky? That I murdered 50,070 people for looking inside a box? That I instructed fathers to stone their daughters to death? That I ordered assassins to slaughter men, women, children and babies? That I threatened to wipe excrement across people's faces? Do you really?

Because if you believe what's written in the Bible, then clearly you were worshipping not me, but some hideous and ghastly pagan deity."

Then 'He' turns to me and I say, "Crikey mate, I'm amazed to discover that you exist. Even so, I spent my life defending you against such abominable accusations. I was intelligent enough to recognise they were fabrications; that the Bible contained nothing but lies and falsehoods."

Now tell me, whose shoes would you rather be in right now - yours or mine?

Cheers, Dougie

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