What we're about

Have you ever felt yourself uninspired by your residency in Connecticut? Perhaps you have wanted to explore more of what our state has to offer, but you don't have the time to look up new places to explore? Or maybe you are looking to make a bigger impact in your community, but you don't know how or where to start.

If that is the case, I got you. Let's take some adventures together.

This group is created for all individuals who are interested in becoming more deeply rooted in a sense of community and connection here in Connecticut. Regardless of whether you are a native "Nutmegger" or a new transplant to the area, this group is an opportunity to connect with other local individuals in a very relaxed way and explore a wide assortment of natural spaces for hikes or exploration, historic landmarks to link us to our past, or even participate in volunteer days to help make our communities a better place. I love traveling throughout this state and I have a long list of places and opportunities to explore, so the offerings of events on this site should never get stale.

Whether you are looking to participate in something as an individual or a family of five, I will post a decent diversity of offerings for everyone to enjoy. The goal of this group is simply to create a better sense of connection between individuals, places, and communities so that we fully appreciate a deeper sense of membership in this state that we call home.

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