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My name is Sadhya and I’ll be leading this program. I have had the opportunity to learn and practice under the direct guidance of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, a living master of Yoga. As I continue to learn the teachings of Yoga, in their traditional and originally intended form, I am hoping to be able to share and introduce what I have learned so far through my own firsthand experience of them.

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NEW! Online Asana & Meditation Intro (Part 1 & 2) by Mahayogi Yoga Mission

For anyone who is new to the practice of Yoga or simply new to MYM’s class, this set of two classes is designed to carefully introduce participants to the foundations of the practice of asana (physical postures of Yoga) and to meditation.

This introductory program will take place in 2 parts:
• Saturday Aug. 7th @3pm -> Part 1
• Saturday Aug. 14th @3pm -> Part 2

Please note that when you sign-up, BOTH Part 1 & Part 2 are included in the class fee.

What to Expect:

We will focus on several asana from the basic asana that are practiced in our regular classes, including an introduction to:
• the way of breathing in asana and what is to be focused on while in the pose itself
• the way of entering and exiting each pose

We will learn the basics of meditation, including an introduction to:
• the various sitting positions for meditation
• the purpose of meditation
• the objects of meditation

We ask that in the time between attending Intro Part 1 and Intro Part 2, participants practice the asana learned during Intro Part 1 so that they can become more familiarized with the experience of trying them out and will be prepared to learn new asana in Intro Part 2.

We will focus on additional asana from the basic asana that are practiced in our regular classes, including:
• the way of entering and exiting each pose
• a review of any questions coming from practice of the asana learned in Part 1.

We will learn further about meditation, including an introduction to:
• more details on the practice of meditation
• ways to prepare the mind for meditation

After participating in the experience of Intro Part 1 & Intro Part 2, we look forward to you attending any of our other regular classes on the online schedule! (http://mahayogiyogamission.org/class/onlineclass.html)

• $40 via paypal
(This fee covers 2 classes, Part 1 & Part 2 --> click on the August 7th "Sign-Up" button to register) http://mahayogiyogamission.org/class/onlineclass.html

• Register 24 hours in Advance via the link above.
• Join 15 minutes prior to the start of class to set-up your mat and video.
• Have video on so that we can best take care of the needs of each practitioner.
• Complete an online registration and waiver form prior to the first class you attend.
• Agree to no recording of any kind.

• Keep an empty stomach
• Wear comfortable clothing
• Ideally join from a device other than a cellphone so that you can easily see the demonstrator when needed while keeping the camera at a distance that allows your asana to be visible.

• Zoom (link will be emailed on the day of the program)

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