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In a world where there is nothing much left to explore except for the impenetrable jungle of Amazonia and the never-ending Taiga of the vast Siberia, we are still looking a way to satisfy the drive of our inner Columbuses that longs for discovering new lands on the horizon. Of course the nature of exploration has shifted to different, more accessible but at the same time equally satisfying way of making new discoveries. It is now the exploration of places now faded in time and memory which gives us the chance to get what we long for – to be the Columbuses of today. This page is an extension of our trips to abandoned places we make every now and then, and which has turned into a healthy relationship with history. We are a small group of enthusiasts who finds remnants of the past enticing due to their sentimental and historical value. Abandoned, forgotten and disregarded by most, they sink ever deeper into the oblivion and are waiting to be swept away by the winds of time like dust. However they are worth to be remembered and appreciated, so from time to time we set to discover these special places anew. It is like visiting friends others have long forgotten about and paying respects to the memories that still live there. Ghost towns, army bases, standalone buildings – anything goes. As our experience has showed, history of these places can be truly surprising and full of mysteries, thus exploring it all in reality can be a thrill. We certainly encourage you to find love for the raw history and join us for an adventure too.

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Trip to Zeltiņi, Cēsis and Arāji

Strēlnieku laukums

Trip to Līgatne - bunker, paper mill, nature trails

Strēlnieku laukums

Free event - Introduction to Speed Networking


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