What we're about

This group is for anyone that falls within the Libertarian - Conservative - MAGA - Walkaway - Blexit - Independent political spectrum. This will not be your typical political oriented meetup group. I want to have fun, socialize, take advantage of all that New Jersey has to offer as far as food, entertainment, outdoors and culture. I'd also like to celebrate the many ethnic backgrounds that enrich our state while at the same time connect with people that share some similar political, philosophical and moral values.

Let’s not just celebrate liberty. Let’s celebrate liberty over some Jerked Chicken and Roti with a reggae version of the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background. And next time we can do some redneck cowboy stuff just to even it out. Why not? How do we lose? We don’t lose. We win. In more ways than one.

I'd like this to be primarily a social group. I’m hoping we can make valuable connections with people that will make our lives richer, more fun and more meaningful, as opposed to concentrating only on activism. There’s nothing wrong with activism, and I'm sure our members will do plenty of it, but there is also nothing wrong with networking for business, romance, community or whatever. Hopefully we can accomplish a nice balance and everyone can gain value from this group in their own way.

- John

Upcoming events (3)

Tacos and Tequila @ Tequila N Tacos Mexican Sports Bar & Grill

Tequila N Tacos Mexican Sports Bar & Grill

Let's have some Taco's & Tequila and chat about politics, life or whatever comes up. See ya there!

Sushi @ Wasabi House

Wasabi House (East Brunswick)

Let's have some Sushi @ Wasabi House and chat about politics, economics, life or whatever comes up.

Election Night!!!

Needs a location

LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED I plan to be at some local bar-restaurant, or some social get-together, enjoying a drink and the excitement this night will bring. I don't know where yet. I'm open to suggestions. It should be a place where being LOUD is not an issue! Should be a night to remember.

Past events (7)

Indian @ Rasoi II Restaurant

Rasoi II Restaurant

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